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C Building, Barcode, Oslo
Cabot Circus Footbridge, Bristol
Cabot Circus, Bristol
Cachorro Bridge, Seville, Spain
Cadillac Fairview Tower, Toronto
Cadogan Hall, London
Café Koch, Amsterdam
Calderdale Central Library, Halifax, UK
Cambian Churchill, London
Cambridge University Library
Camden Palace Hotel, London
Camden Town Hall Extension, London
Campion Hall, Oxford, UK
Campos Eliseos Theatre, Bilbao
Campus Luigi Einaudi, Torino
Canada Estate Flats, Rotherhithe, London
Canada Life Building, Toronto
20 Canada Square, Canary Wharf
25 Canada Square, Canary Wharf
Canada Water Interchange, London
Canada Water Library, London
Canadian National Arts Centre
Canadian Museum of Civilization
Canadian Parliament Building
Canadian War Memorial
Canadian War Museum
Canaletto Tower, London
Canary Wharf Crossrail Station
Canary Wharf DLR Station
Canary Wharf Footbridge
Canary Wharf Tube Station
Candle House, Leeds
Cannonmills Clock, Edinburgh, Scotland
Cannon Place, London
30 Cannon Street, London
80 Cannon Street, London
Cantay House, Oxford, UK
Capilla de Carman, Seville, Spain
Capital Tower/Union Jack Club, London
Capitol Theatre, Moose Jaw, Canada
Cardinal Place, London
Carliol House, Newcastle, UK
Carlton Hotel, Amsterdam
Carlton Theatre, Dublin
Carmelite House, Embankment, London
Carmine - 5 Merchant Square, London
Carradale House, London
Carr's Lane Church, Birmingham
Carve Building, Oslo
Casa Amatller - Barcelona
Casa Antoni Rocamora - Barcelona
Casa Bonaventura Ferrer - Barcelona
Casa Batllo - Barcelona
Casa Comalat - Barcelona
Casa Ferrario - Milano
Casa Mila - Barcelona
Casino Montreal, Canada
Castlemead, Bristol, UK
Cavendish Building, Manchester
Cavendish House, Birmingham
33 Cavendish Square, London
Cecil Sharp House, London
Centenary Building, Salford
Central Building, LSE, London
Central Cinema Cambridge
Central Health Clinic, Bristol
Central Library, Bristol
Central Library Extension, Bristol
Central Mosque, London
Centralposthuset, Malmo
Central Saint Giles, London
Central Theatre, Oslo
Central Saint Martin's College of Art, London
Central Station Extension, Amsterdam
Central Station, Bergen, Norway
Copenhagen Central Station, Denmark
Central Westminster College, London
Centre City, Birmingham
Centre for Life, Newcastle
Centre Heights, London
Centre Point, London
Centre Pompidou, Paris
Century House, Bermondsey, London
Ceska Narodni Bank, Prague
Chadwick House, Southwark, London
Chamberlain Memorial Tower, Birmingham
Chancery Park, Dublin
Chandos Hall, Manchester
Chanin Building
Channel 4 Headquarters, London
Chapel of Reconciliation, Berlin
Chapter Spitalfield, London
Charing Cross Station, London
Charles Oakley Building, Glasgow
Charles Street Car Park, Sheffield
Charles Rowan House, London
Chartered Insurance Institute, London
Le Chateau Apartments, Montreal
Chateau Laurier, Ottawa
Chatsworth House, Manchester
5 Cheapside, London
150 Cheapside, London
Chelsea Bridge Wharf, London
Chemistry Research Lab, Oxford, UK
Chemistry West, U of Birmingham
Chester House, Paddington, London
Chester Odeon
Chester Regal
Chetham’s School of Music, Manchester
Chichester Festival Theatre, UK
Chiltern Place, London
Chips, Manchester
Christchurch & Upton Chapel, London
Christ Church Southwalk, London
Christchurch Court, London
Christuskirche, Innsbruck, Austria
Chrysler Building, New York
Church of the Most Sacred Heart, Prague
45 Church Street, Birmingham
103 Church Street, Toronto
Churchill Gardens Estate, London
Cineac Damrak, Amsterdam
Cineac Hasleblad, Amsterdam
Cinnabar Wharf Wapping, London
The Circle, Bermonsey, London
CIS Tower, Manchester
Citizen M Hotel, London
City Hall - Greater London
City Hall - Oslo
City Hall, Stockholm, Sweden
City Library, Newcastle
City Point, London
1 City Square, Leeds
City Theatre, Amsterdam
City University, London
City University 2, London
Civic Centre 4, Coventry
Civic Hall, Leeds
Civil Justice Building, Manchester
Clarendon Laboratory, Oxford
Clardale Street, London
Clarion Hotel, Bergen
Clarion Hotel, Oslo
Clearwater Court, Reading
Clerkenwell Close Apartments, London
Clerkenwell Court House, London
Clerkenwell Fire Station, London
Clery's Store, Dublin, Ireland
Clove Building, London
Clyde Arc, Glasgow
CML Building, Birmingham
CN Tower, Toronto
Coal Drops Yard, London
2-4 Cockspur Street, London
14-16 Cockspur Street, London
17-19 Cockspur Street, London
Cohen Quad, Exeter College, Oxford
Cold War Museum, Cosford
1 Coleman Street, London
Coliseum, London
College Park, Toronto
Collegium Canisianum, Innsbruck
Colmore Gate, Birmingham, UK
103 Colmore Row, Birmingham
33 Colston, Bristol
Colston Hall, Bristol
Colston Tower, Bristol
Commerce Court North Tower, Toronto
1 Commercial Street, London
Commercial Union Building, Newcastle
Commonwealth House, London
Companies House, Manchester
Computing Centre, Harwell, UK
Concord Hotel, Berlin
Concourse, Toronto
Congress Hall, Berlin
Congress House, London
Conran Shop, Shad Thames, London
Conservatorium, Amsterdam
Contact Theatre, Manchester
Cooperative Bank, Manchester
Cooperative Headquarters, Manchester
The Copper Box, London
The Core, Cornwall
24 Cornhill, London
28 Cornhill, London
32 Cornhill, London
52 - 53 Cornhill, London
Corporation Street Footbridge, Manchester
Cotton Gardens Estate, London
The Cotton Exchange, Liverpool
Coventry Cathedral
Coventry Sports Centre
Cranbrook Estate, London
Cripps Building, Cambridge
Cripps Court, Cambridge
Crisp Street Market, London
Crossman Building, Coventry
1 Croydon, Croydon
Crown Court, Coventry
30 Crown Place, London
The Crystal, London
Crystals, Las Vegas, USA
The Cube, Birmingham
The Culture Mile, Stuttgart, Germany
Cumberland Hotel, London
The Cunard Building, Liverpool
Cundy Street Flats, London
Curzon Bulding, Birmingham, UK
Curzon Mayfair Cinema, London
Cutty Sark, Greenwich, London
CWS Tobacco Factory, Manchester
Cyrus House, London
Czech Embassy, London