Charles Street Car Park - Sheffield, UK

Allies and Morrison Architects
Date Built
Charles Street & Arundel Gate
The Charles Street Parking Lot provides parking to 520 vehicles over 10 floors.  The building has a predictable rectangular shape but it is the cladding that makes it stand out from the rest.  The facade is covered in angled aluminium panels painted green on the inside.  The panels are angled randomly in four orientations.  On the " - Portal for Architecture" website Christopher Croazzo Hill puts it this way, "There is an interesting contradiction here, as when a plain, demure woman wears a glitzy, metallic cocktail dress. The effect makes for a bold architectural statement."

The building won a number of awards including the RIBA Award in 2009 and the Sheffield Design Awards - Citizen's Award for Best Building, also in 2009.

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