Le Chateau Apartments, Montreal, Canada

Ross and Macdonald
Date Built
1321 Sherbrooke Street West
The Le Chateau Apartments building was commissioned by Pamphile Réal Du Trembley, the owner of the La Presse newspaper.  Its style has been compared to both a French Chateau and a Scottish Castle.  Ranging between 12 and 14 storeys it contains 136 apartments, one of which was once home to Mordecai Richler.  The building's website describes it as, " .... the most prestigious residential building, a reputation that has flourished to this day. ... The building’s architecture was part of the château style inspired by the castles of France, which was very much in vogue at the time. Grand hotels created in this elegant motif sprung up across Canada.  ... Le Château’s remarkable facade is clad in Tyndall Stone from Manitoba. The main entrance leads to three wings, with six elevators in all. Each elevator is shared by two apartments per floor. The height of the building ranges from 12 to 14 floors, and each apartment has a functional fireplace."