Cineac Haselblad, Amsterdam, Holland

Jan Duiker - renovated by Cees Dam
Date Built
1933 - 1934
Reguliersbreestraat 31
The "" website says of this building that it was, "... slotted into the available site, the parabola-shaped auditorium placed diagonally to make optimum use of limited space. Its steel frame rests largely on existing foundations. Other special features of this pinnacle of pre-war constructivism/functionalism include the entrance with its glazed awning, the projection booth visible from the street and the constructivist illuminated sign rising from the roof. Steel facings conceal a traditional cavity wall. Since its occupation by a restaurant serving the film industry the exterior has been restored and the illuminated roof sign returned bearing a new title."

When I took this image in March of 2015, the building appeared to be home to the Merkur Casino.

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