Clarion Hotel, Trondheim, Norway

Space Group - Engineering: Arup & Partners London
Date Built
Completed 2012
Brattørkaia 1, 7010 Trondheim
The Space Group website explains that the Clarion Hotel & Congress Centre in Trondheim, "... redefines the classical atrium hotel typology to a new and strong identity. .....

.... The rooms are arranged/organized in four highly rational structures all oriented towards the perfect view. ..... (the) sky bar with roof terrace are shaped in a free form to take advantage of unique attractions towards the park, the Brattøra basin and the free view above neighbour buildings."

"The rotation transforms the atrium from an enclosed central space to a 3-dimensional star shaped lobby space. .... the lobby is here given a 3-dimensional and dynamic spatial experience with a programmed roof, and a sequence of shifts between glimpse and panorama, intimacy and spectacular exposure."

"The internal crystalline shape is fragmented, (suggesting) associations to dramatic ice formations with cliffs, rips and ice floes."

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