Joseph Chamberlain Memorial Clock Tower, Birmingham, UK

Aston Webb and Ingress Bell
Date Built
1900 - 1908
University of Birmingham, Edgbaston Campus
When you see the clock tower at the University of Birmingham from a distance, you imagine it is incorporated into the grand red brick buildings of the Edgbaston campus.  In fact it is a completely free-standing structure.  It is claimed, on its Wikipedia page,  that it is the tallest free-standing clock tower in the world.  It is named after Joseph Chamberlain, the famous local manufacturer, mayor of Birmingham and Member of Parliament.  It is said that the design was influenced by Chamberlain's affection for the  Torre del Mangia in Siena.  Apparently, this tower is known locally as "old Joe".

The tower's Wikipedia page says that, "... The base is solid concrete, 50 ft square by 10 ft thick, with foundations that extend 328 ft below ground to ensure stability. Joyce of Whitchurch built the clock, the face of which is 17.2 ft across, the largest bell weighs 6,177.5 kg with all the bells together weighing 20 tonnes; the minute hand is 13 ft 5 in length, the hour hand is 2 ft across, the pendulum is 15 ft  long. The clock hands are made out of sheet copper. There are ten floors served by an electrical lift in the SW corner.  The tower was built from the inside, without scaffolding, up to the level of the balcony. It is built of Red Accrington brick with Darley Dale dressings and tapers from 29 ft square to 23 ft below the balcony."

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