C Building, Oslo, Norway

Dark arkitekter
Date Built
The C Building is the headquarters of DnB-NOR, Norway's largest financial services group.  The building is part of the Barcode development, close to Oslo's waterfront, that involves a number of office, residential and mixed-use buildings arranged like the lines in a barcode along Dronning Eufemias Gate.

The architects describe the building as having, "... Thirteen generic office floors (that) give the bank 500 workplaces. The two top floors contain a public restaurant and a bar with a 360 degree viewpoint area on the roof terrace. An inclined panorama elevator connects the viewpoint and the restaurant/bar on the top to the ground level restaurant at Dronning Eufemias gate. ..... The stair-shaped volume, with each step two stories tall, faces south towards the fjord."

"The fifteen storeys tall north façade faces the railroad tracks and the city. Green landscape terraces provide outdoor areas with a spectacular view. These “pocket parks” are connected to the indoor social areas, where the height of the story is doubled."

"The façade materials are mainly glass and dark grey glassfibre reinforced concrete cassettes. The cassettes of modules 0.9x0.9, 1.8x1.8 or 2.7x2.7 cm and the different depth of 10cm, creates a mosaic of square shapes, visually adding solidity and massiveness to the building volume. The glass is placed towards the south and the format follows the same modules as the cassettes."