Chips - New Islington, Manchester, UK

Will Alsop
Date Built
Beside the Ashton Canal in New Islington
Alongside the Ashton Canal, in New Islington, you will find the Chips building.  It is known as Chips because the design team decided the building looks like chips on a plate, as the three storeys are connected on an angle and "wiggle against each other."   The architect, Will Alsop describes it as, "Quirky, bold and robust."

The building was commissioned by Urban Splash and it provides a mix of living and studio units with commercial space within a single project.  It is, " .. clad in a resin core timber veneered rain screen system, with black frame composite aluminium windows set into it. This is the first time the system has been used in the UK."  As you can see the building is decorated with words that pay homage to Manchester's connection to the industrial revolution.


- Images of Chips Under Construction -

The Chips are now unwrapped and completed.  Here are some images taken during the construction phase.

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