The Relay Building, One Commercial Street, London

John Seifert - Broadway Malyan
Date Built
Whitechapel High Street & Commercial Street
This building on Whitechapel High Street was originally designed by John Seifert Architects.  It was under construction in 2008 when the collapse of the Icelandic banks brought work to a stop. 

Skyscraper News announced in 2012 that work was beginning again.  The project had been picked up by Redrow Homes and Broadway Malyan had been contracted to replace Seifert.

The redesign involved a reduction in the number of floors dedicated to office space thereby increasing the number of floors of residential accommodation.  The fact that office floors are generally a metre higher than residential floors meant that more floors of apartments were possible whilst maintaining the overall height of the building. 

The Skyscraper News article added that, "... The design remains much as before, but the offices will have revised brise soleils attached to their concrete floor slabs to improve the solar shading of those floors. For the residential apartments projecting stainless steel and aluminium balconies will feature instead, These provide visual cues as to the nature of each floor in the development.  On the eastern corner of One Commercial Street will be a projecting glass fa├žade overhanging the pavement. At night it's intended to light this up providing the latest illuminated colour focal point for London's still orange skyline."

In 2013 the building was the winner of the United Kingdom Property Awards for the "Best High-Rise Building in the UK."