The Circle, London

Date Built
1987 - 1990
Queen Elizabeth Street, SE1
This mixed development in Bermonsey comprises 302 flats, twelve shops, a restaurant, eight office suites and a swimming pool / health club.  The architect's website explains that it,  "... comprises two mainly residential buildings either side of Queen Elizabeth Street. They follow the back-of-pavement line except for a huge intervention centrally on Queen Elizabeth Street, where a cylindrical space creates two semicircular forecourts serving the two apartment entrance halls and car park entrances."  The concave facades skirting the forecourts are clad in deep-blue glazed bricks.

In the middle of Queen Elizabeth Street, within The Circle, is this statue of Jacob the shire horse.

"The street elevations respond to their London stock brick warehouse neighbours, but here the metal windows are finished in light gold, the parapets undulate and balconies are bracketed on pine logs."

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