Cineac Damrak, Amsterdam, Holland

H. van Vreeswijk
Date Built
Opened 17th March 1938
Damrak 63 - 64
As you can see, this building on Amsterdam's Damrak is now an amusement arcade and casino.  However, on this site in 1911 the Witte Bioscope opened in one room of a house.  It proved so popular that a new purpose-built cinema was built that accommodated 600 people.  Over the next few years it closed, reopened, changed its name and then on November 9, 1937 it closed for good and was demolished.  This made way for the building we see today that was designed to accommodate 750 customers with 500 seats in the stalls and a further 250 in a balcony.

The Cineac Damrak was converted into a twin cinema in 1975 but closed forever as a cinema in 1983.  The image below shows the building when it was still a cinema.  It is shown here under a Creative Commons (Attribution) License, the details of which can be found by clicking on the image.

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