Chapter Spitalfield, London

T P Bennett
Date Built
Completed 2010
100 Middlesex Street
Originally known as Nido Spitalfield, this 35 storey building is, according to Wikipedia, the 3rd tallest student residence building in the world.  It was built on the site of Rodwell House, an eight-storey post-war office building.  The architects say on their website that, "... the new development fills the site, providing street elevations on four sides, .... The student accommodation, housing 1,200, is contained in a 35-storey tower, a dynamic composition with facades formed of high-performance glass and aluminium panels. Access is from the historic Frying Pan Alley, recast with an attractive new piazza – the alley also serves as a new pedestrian link between Spitalfields Market and Liverpool Street station. The other elements of the scheme, include a block of private apartments to the south, on Strype Street, and a five storey office building on Middlesex Street to the west. Retail and cafe units are provided at street level to reinforce the animated character of the area."

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