Central Building, London School of Economics

Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners
Date Built
Houghton St, Holborn, London WC2A 2AE
The Open House London Guide for 2019 says of this new building on the campus of the London School of Economics that it, ".... is inspired by LSE’s core values: Collaboration, Excellence and Innovation."  The building replaced 4 existing buildings that the LSE describe as no longer fit for purpose.  ".... the initial brief called for world-class architecture to match LSE’s international academic reputation. The RSHP design goes further by placing a public square at the heart of the campus, creating a new focal point and improving connectivity and wayfinding throughout the site.

The Rogers Stirk Harbour website explains that, ".... The massing of the building consists of two deceptively simple and infinitely flexible buildings which are joined by dynamic circulation and meeting spaces. Innovative and inspirational spaces to attract the best staff, academics and students have been created by simple, flexible floor plans that provide a mixture of cellular and open plan offices, teaching spaces and student study areas."


Take a look inside

"On the first and second floors, general teaching provision is accommodated and there is access to a large external terraced garden. These public and student facilities are all connected by the atrium space, which provides a dramatic and flowing circulation route between the floors with informal spaces to encourage students to come together to explore, debate and collaborate." (Rogers Stirk Harbour}

"Above the second floor, a number of academic departments are located on flexible floorplates providing both open plan and modular accommodation." {Rogers Stirk Harbour}

"These upper levels are connected visually and physically via a dynamic stair that moves in a series of double height spaces across the façade, creating connectivity between departmental floors." (Rogers Stirk Harbour)