Candle House, Leeds

Carey Joned Chapman Tolcher
Date Built
2007 - 2009
1 Wharf Approach
Candle House is a residential tower providing 160 affordable and private apartments from studio to two bedroom in size.  It sits in the city's waterside regeneration site adjacent to a viaduct carrying railway lines into Leeds Central Station.

The "" website describes it as, "... a twenty three storeys high, cylindrical brick tower – the facade itself ‘twisting’ at four storey intervals. Candle House is in part intended to be a modern reference to the three neighbouring Italianate towers of the historic Tower Works building – one of the most iconic structures in Leeds. The residential apartments are arranged around a single central core; this efficient plan arrangement meaning that the apartments themselves are larger than most of those completed during the recent residential “boom” within the city. ....

.... The 160 apartments contained within Candle House have a “Very Good” Eco Homes rating. Given the “rotating” nature of the building’s facade, each apartment enjoys very differing views from floor to ceiling windows, with solar control being part provided through the very deep window reveals. External balconies, inset into the facade, were provided for each of the apartments."