Carmelite House, London

Fletcher Priest
Date Built
Fletcher Priest's website says that they have, "revived listed 19th century Carmelite House, originally the headquarters of Lord Northcliffe’s publishing empire situated within the Conservation Area on Victoria Embankment, to transform it into the headquarters for contemporary publishing group Hachette UK.

"Carmelite House had been re-worked and added to significantly since its occupation by Associated Newspapers. Our sensitive re-development of the site preserves and restores the Listed façade whilst replacing the 1990s intervention with a building which sympathetically responds to its environment whilst reusing the modern structure of the former building.   Among the factors that give additional value over standard high quality central London office space, are its riverside location and historic character. The new riverfront façade is proportioned to enhance its presence and make it legible from the South Bank, while a garden and glazed pavilion at roof level give occupants magnificent views across the river to Tate Modern and the Millennium Wheel.  Throughout the building we make thematic use of the original design, recreating its decorative motifs with new materials and fabrication techniques to make the basis for contemporary features, such as 3d ceramic tiles in the washrooms, ventilation grilles and rooftop cladding."