Cunard Building- Liverpool, UK

William Edward Willink and Philip Coldwell Thicknesse
Date Built
1913 - 1916
Canada Boulevard and Brunswick Street
The Cunard Building is one of Liverpool's "Three Graces", the iconic trio of buildings that grace the World Heritage Site on the city's Pier Head.  It was built as a headquarters for the Cunard Steamship Company that later merged with the equally famous White Star Line of Titanic fame. 

The building is constructed of reinforced concrete and faced in Portland stone.  Its website says that, "The lower floors of the building were utilised for passenger facilities both ahead of, and following, their departure/arrival on the Cunard passenger liners in Liverpool. A range of facilities were in place within the building including first, second and third class passenger waiting rooms and canteens, storage facilities for customers luggage and facilities for the Cunard employees based both on land and at sea"

The Cunard Line left the building in the 1960s.  In 2001 it was purchased by the Merseyside Pension Fund and today it is, "... occupied by a range of public and private organisations playing an integral part within the developing Liverpool business community."

The Cunard Building has a Grade II* Listing.

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