City Theatre Cinema, Amsterdam, Holland

Jan Wils - renovated by Rappange & Partners
Date Built
1934 - 1935
Kleine-Gartmanplantsoen 15-19
According to the "" website, the City Theater opened on October 29, 1935.  The building was designed by Jan Wils in a Dutch Functionalist style.  The interiors were designed by Oscar Rosendahl.  It was capable of seating 1,350 people and also featured a cafĂ© and ballroom.  As with all cinemas, there were modifications over the years and in 1973 - 74 it was converted into a seven screen multiplex that was then capable of seating 1,505.  In recent years it was once again closed for modification reopening in 2011 as an art house cinema with 7 screens and a combined audience of 625.

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