Christuskirche, Innsbruck, Austria

Klemens Kattner & Gustav Knell
Date Built
1905 - 1906
Kaiserjagerstrasse at Elisabethstrasse

At the beginning of the 20th Century, the city of Innsbruck launched a competition for the design of a new church in the Saggen district.  86 designs were submitted and the entry of architects Klemens Kattner and Gustav Knell was selected.  In the spring of 1905 the ground was broken and the church was opened with a Mass on May 20, 1906.

The church is described as neo-Gothic and neo-Romanesque in style.  The facade features smooth white render accented with Höttinger breccia.  There is the sculpture of Christ's head above the portal.



The nave has a vaulted ceiling.

In the loft is an organ by GF Steinmeyer & Co.

The stained glass in the nave, designed by the Bernard Rice and A. Payr, was created between 1911 and 1914.  The windows display scenes from the Bible and the history of Protestantism.

The stained glass in the north transept shows portraits of the reformers Zwingli , Luther and Melanchthon.

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