Charing Cross Station - London, UK

Terry Farrell
Date Built
1985 - 1990
Between the Strand and the Embankment
Charing Cross Railway Station is definitely a case of a building of two halves.  If you approach it from the Strand you see the ornate French Renaissance styled Charing Cross Hotel, opened in 1865.  The hotel sits in front of the train shed that spans the station platforms.

If you arrive at the station, having crossed the Thames via Hungerford Bridge, you will see a post-modern building rising up above the Embankment.  The architect's website describes it as, " ... a unique example of Farrell’s ability to integrate major engineering and infrastructure projects in sensitive and prominent urban locations."  They add that it features, "Large uninterrupted office floor plates, rising nine storeys over the tracks, use a very innovative and ambitious structural approach to achieve large scale development.  Retail and restaurant accommodation is distributed in the vaults below the station ....

 ...  and in a new infill building which completes the streetscape to the adjoining Villiers Street."