The Cube - Wharfside Street - Birmingham, UK

Ken Shuttleworth
Date Built
Wharfside Street, Birmingham, UK
The Cube is part of the Mailbox development that sits beside the Worcester and Birmingham Canal in the heart of Birmingham.  The building was designed by Ken Shuttleworth of the architectural practice Make Architects.  Shuttleworth is a former partner of Norman Foster. 

The building was designed to resemble a jewel box with what look like gem stones appearing from the top.  It is a mixed-use development offering 135 flats, office space, retail units, a hotel and a rooftop restaurant.  The developer's website describe the outside of the building as, "intricate glowing tessellations (that) blanket the exterior fa├žade, to be admired from afar." The jewel box theme being a reference to Birmingham's long involvement with the jewellery industry, although this building isn't actually located in the city's  Jewellery Quarter.

Shuttleworth is quoted as saying of the Cube that, "Birmingham has never been shy about design and never been cautious about regenerating. It is a bold city that embraces development and welcomes culture.  The Rotunda and Selfridges Building have helped to give Birmingham a global identity that has been a fabulous platform for the city; The Cube is the next stage in this architectural story and is paving the way for the new library and station, it is a landmark that will become internationally recognisable, with its own presence and identity....."