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Mabel Tylecote Building MMU
1 Mabledon Place, London
Macdonald Hotel, Manchester
Mackinac Bridge, Michigan, USA
McCrace Building & Livingstone Tower
MAD Building, Barcode. Oslo
Maersk HQ, Copenhagen
Magistrates Court, Coventry
Magnet Court, Newcastle, UK
The Mailbox, Birmingham
The Malmaison Hotel, Liverpool, UK
The Malmaison Hotel, Newcastle, UK
Malmo Central, Sweden
Malmo Library, Sweden
Manchester Central Library
Manchester Crown Court
165/167 Manchester Rd, Middleton, UK
Manchester Town Hall Extension
Mancunian Way Footbridge, Manchester
Mann Island, Liverpool
Manor Road Building, Oxford

Maple House, London
Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto
Mappin Pavilion, London
Marble Arch Tower, London
Marcanti College, Amsterdam
33 Margaret Street, London
Mariansky Bridge, Czech Republic
Marie Elizabeth Leuders Haus, Berlin
Marie-Guyart Building, Quebec City
Maritime Organization Building, London
33 Margaret Street, London
70 Mark Lane, London
30 Market Place, London
Marks & Spencer, Leeds
Marks & Spencer, London
Marks & Spencer, Birmingham
Marriot Hotel, Budapest
Marriot Renaissance Hotel, Manchester
Marriott Hotel, Canary Wharf, London
Marriott Montreal, Canada
Marsham Court, London
Martin Bucer Church, Breisach, Germany
Marylebone Town Hall, London
Masonic Lodge, Manchester
Maths/Social Sciences Tower, Manchester
Maurice Richard Arena, Montreal
Max Rayne Centre, London
McCann, London
McConnell Engineering Building, Montreal
McCance Building, Glasgow
McDougall & Cowans, Montreal
McLaren Building, Birmingham, UK
McLennan Library, Montreal
McMillan Round Library, Glasgow
McTavish Reservoir, Montreal
The Meco Building, Montreal
Media City Bridge, Manchester
Media Centre at Lords, London
Medical School, U of Birmingham
ME Hotel, London
Melia Whitehouse, London
Melton Court, London
Mercanti College, Amsterdam, Holland
Mercedes Museum, Stuttgart, Germany
Mercers Walk, Covent Garden, London
3 Merchant Square, London
Merchants Bank, Moose Jaw, Canada
Merchants Bridge, Manchester
Meridian House, Greenwich, London
Met Apartments, Manchester
Methodist Church, Lincoln
Met-Life Tower, New York
Metro Central Heights, London
Metropol Parisol, Seville, Spain
Metropolitan Water Board Office, London
Mews House, Robert St., London
Mexican Embassy, Berlin
Michael Lee-Chin Crystal, Toronto
Michael Smith Building, Manchester
Michelin House, London
Mid-City Place, London
Middlesex Street Estate, London
Midland Bank (former), Manchester
Midland Bank HQ (former), London
Midland Hotel, Morecambe
33-37 Manchester Road, Middleton, UK
MI6 Headquarters, London
Milano Central Station
Mill Bridge, Leamington Spa
Millbank Estate, London
Millbank Tower, London
Millennium Bridge, Gateshead, UK
Millennium Bridge, London
Millennium Bridge, Manchester
Millennium Centre, Cardiff
Millennium Mill, London
Millennium Point, Birmingham, UK
Millennium Point Car Park, Birmingham
Minerva House, London
Minerva House 1920, London
Minster Court, London
The Mission, London
Mitchell Library, Glasgow
Mitre Road Estate, London
MMU Business School, Manchester
Modern s Breitner aruhaz, Budapest
MOD Main Building, London
Montagu Pyke, London
Montevetro, London
Montreal Neurological Institute, Canada
Montreal Opera House, Canada
Montreal Oratory, Canada
1956 Monument, Budapest
Moonraker Point, Southwark, London
Moor House, London
Moorfoot Building, Sheffield
Moose Jaw Court House, Canada
Moose Jaw Central Fire Station, Canada
Moose Jaw City Hall, Canada
Moose Jaw Train Station
Moreland School, London
More London, London
Morecambe Seafront Shops
Mortimer Street, London
Mosaic Stadium, Canada
Mound Stand. Lords, London
Mount Pleasant Sorting Office, London
Movenpick Hotel, Amsterdam
Mulberry Court, London
Muirhead Tower, U of Birmingham
Municipal Bank, Birmingham
Munich Ice Stadium
Munich Ice Training Hall
Munrow Sports Centre, U of Birmingham
The Music Box, London, Valencia
Musea de les Ciencies, Valencia
Museu del Disseny, Barcelona
Museo Nazionale dell'Automobile
Museum of Contempory Art, Montreal
Museum of London
Museum Ludwig, Cologne
Museum of Liverpool
Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh
Muziekgebouw, Amsterdam
Myrstedt & Stem, Stockholm
Mytre House, London