Mexican Embassy - Klingelhoferstrasse, Berlin, Germany

Francisco Serrano with Teodoro Gonzalez de Leon
Date Built
Klingelhoferstrasse & Rauchstrasse
The building has a striking facade made up of a series of 18 metre high inclined pillars.  The pillars are made of inwhite concrete that contains marble chippings and has a rough "bush-hammered" finish.  They are contained within a concrete framing structure.  The "" website adds that, "From the entrance, visitors proceed to a circular atrium, the visible surfaces of which are also in the white concrete that is characteristic of this building. The atriumspace forms the centre of the embassy complex and serves a variety of purposes. It is closed at the top on one side by a sunken roof garden."

The competition for the building's design involved nine architectural practices.  The challenge set was to, "represent Mexican values, the realities of a modern evolving society and to integrate itself into the urban environment of the Tiergarten district."

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