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Chetham House

Chetham House was named after the famous Manchester merchant and philanthropist, Sir Humphrey Chetham, who was born in 1580. Humphrey and his brothers were educated at Manchester Grammar School and went on to be wealthy cloth merchants. Humphrey took care of the Manchester end of the family business whilst his brother George handled their London concerns. In 1631, King Charles conferred a knighthood on Humphrey and other honours were to follow. In 1635 he was appointed High Sheriff of Lancashire and in 1643 he became General Treasurer for the County.

One of Chetham's preoccupation in later life was the appropriate disposal of his accumulated wealth. He purchased the Old Warden's College located adjacent to Manchester Cathedral and founded a Blue Coat School to educate and maintain about 40 local boys. The facility was also to be home to a free public library. Chetham provided a considerable amount of money to stock the library with books.

Today, what became known as Chetham's Hospital School and Library is still operating. The school is now the Chetham's School of Music and the library is still open to the public.

Humphrey Chetham died in 1653.

OFFICIALS - 1964 - 1965


Housemasters: Mr. N. G. Donnan, Mr. T. R. Rees, Mr. H. Johnson, Dr. R. Wilson, Mr. D. G. Thackaberry

House Captain: H. G. Jones; Vice-Captain: J. Booth. Secretary: M. Lawley; Publicity Officer: J. Kurau.

Senior Football Captain: I. Morris.; Vice-Captain: D. Taylor. Secretary: B. Barnes.

Junior Football Captain: R. M. Harvey; Vice-Captain: G. E. Botham. Secretary: F. Harris.

Senior Cricket Captain: T. Arden; Vice-Captain: N. Pointon. Secretary: I. Morris.

Junior Captain: G. E. Botham; Vice-Captain: R. M. Harvey. Secretary: F. Harris.

Swimming Captain: H. G. Jones, Vice-Captain: R. Southward. Secretary: P. Dalloz.

Cross-Country Captain: H. G. Jones; Vice-Captain: 1. Morris. Secretary: J. Booth.

Athletics Captain: H. G. Jones; Vice-Captain: I. Morris. Secretary: M. Alcock. 

Year-End Report - Boys


Senior Football

This year's Senior Football did not go as well as expected. We were beaten outright, but we expect a better team next year, from the boys coming from the Junior class into the Senior.

Junior Football

The Junior Football matches had the same pattern as the Senior, I am afraid, the house being beaten 4-9 by Temple, 0-2 by Cobden and 2-3 by Dalton. Again we expect to give a much better show next year.


For the first time in many years it did not rain for the Cross-Country, but the wet, muddy track so kindly arranged by Mr. Hilton made up for this. It was won by Greenough, and by Cobden's team. We came third. T. Arden ran well to come in fifth followed by Broad at eighth and H. G. Jones at ninth. The final position was: 1. Cobden with 39 penalty points, 2. Temple with 77, 3. Chetham with X2 and last Dalton with 109. 

Swimming and Athletics

These events have yet to come, and we are working to get the two teams complete. A great deal of enthusiasm has been shown by some of the Juniors, so we are looking forward to good results.


Last year our Senior Cricket team had a bad time being beaten all round, but the Juniors did better, so we hope for better results this year.


Year-End Report - Boys


Girls Hockey

Unfortunately the team this year has been unable to improve upon last year's attainments, coming second in position last year and fourth this year. We hope to have more success next year and so to gain first position to win the Championship.

Senior Netball

This year, we have done fairly well, winning two matches out of three and coming second, gaining four points. The final scores were:

Chetham House v Temple House .. 9 - 5
Chetham House v. Cobden House .. 13 - 20
Chetham House v. Dalton House .. 12 - 10

Junior Netball

The position this year is a little better than last year's. We won one match and lost one. The other match was a draw, which gained us three points compared with last year's two points.


Having come second last year we hope to improve our standard and win the Gala this year.


We didn't do too badly last year and hope to do better this year when we go to White City to win the Athletic Championship.

Senior Hockey

The first matches have not been played yet but we hope the team perform the hat
trick and meet greater success this year.

Helen Lockett (5s).

Chetham Cobden Dalton Temple