School Reunions

All Years Reunion - Saturday, January 19, 2002

Acton Court Hotel, Davenport

This photograph was generously donated by Ann Kreml

Left to Right: Ann Kreml (Greenough), Mr. Davies, Terry Stirling (Pilkington)

This photograph was generously donated by Ann Kreml

Susan Walters, Marilyn Williams, Richard Parkhouse, Ann Kreml, Terry Pilkington

 Image generously donated by Janet Sheldon

Elizabeth Hawkins and Janet Sheldon

The images below were generously donated by Anthony Linsdell,
who today lives in Montreal, Canada.

Julie Wilson, Gill Upton, Mr.Davies

Chris Seel, Dave Caplan, Sue Brett, Sheila Moores, Fred Harris, Jean Brett

Jean Brett, Julie Wilson, Gill Upton , Mr Davies

Dave Caplan, Janet Kinder, Doreen Brady, Sue Brett, Sheila Moores

Tony Linsdell, Linda Barber

Janet Sheldon, Tony Linsdell

Mr Davies, Mary Abramowicz, Gill Upton, Linda Jones

Julie Wilson, Mr. Sayer , Gill Upton

Janet Sheldon, Gill Upton

This image was sent to me by Doreen Simpson (Brady)
and was taken by Terry Pilkington

Janet Sheldon, Janet Kinder & Doreen Simpson (Brady)
Tony Linsdell, Linda Barber

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