January 19, 2002, Stockport continued


The images below were generously donated by Janet Sheldon.

Barbara Maloney and video

Susan Jones, Linda Fox and Christine Blakely

Robert Lee and Linda Spooner, married for 30 years.
The image below shows a younger version of the pair
with Rob looking like a young Mick Jagger.

Janet Burrows and Suandi

Barbara Maloney and Phil Broughton

Jim Blundell, John Yarwood and Walter Hill

John Critchley, Liz Hawkins and June Hulstone

Steve Brown and Colin McPartland

Alan Rayner and Irene Pollit

Janet Sheldon, Terry Pilkington, Marylyn Williams,
Peter Greenough and Peter Caine

The images below were generously donated by Janet Sheldon.

Linda Longworth and Janet Sheldon

Janet Sheldon and Greg Bieski

June Hulstone, Michelle O'brien, Sue Jones, Linda Fox

Janet Sheldon & Sandra Ruan

Stuart Ashmore

Standing: Terry Pilkington, Richard Parkhouse, Janet Sheldon,
Janet Roberts and Anne Roberts.
Seated: Peter Greenough, Eileen Oates, Helen Lockett.

Peter Caine & Peter Greenough

Mr. Sayer

Mr. Davies

Linda Barber, Paul Jepson, Lee Simpson

Carol Holmes & Sally Livesey

Carolyn Watkins & Eileen Oates