"With the desire to cater to the wishes of the best class of patrons and please all alike, the WHlTE ClTY is constantly making efforts to improve on the usual methods of amusing or entertaining the public. So to that end they have hurried forward a large portion of the Great Exhibition Hall, and leaving the sides open to the air, thereby furnish the largest, most complete and most cornfortable Roller Skating Rink in Europe. This Rink, in the form of a grand Pavilion, is 150 by 250 feet, and gives more skating surface than any Rink yet established in the Kingdom; and as the floor is built on the new sound proof principle of the best American Rock Maple, the delights of skating here cannot be equalled at any other place.

 Roller Skating Rink

The most competent Floor Management, and the best obtainable Instructors, will see to the comfort of patrons at all times, and a sufficient number of attendants will be on duty at all hours to assist beginners or accomplished Skaters in all necessary ways.

A terraced platform walk fifteen feet wide, and on three sides of the Skating floor, has been provided for those who do not skate but who do enjoy seeing others indulging in the healthy pastime. This walk also provides shelter from the rain for at least three thousand visitors.

No one need look far to discover the cause for the popularity of Roller Skating. The reason is, its magnificent health-giving exercise, combined with sensations of the most pleasurable kind as one glides over the surface of tlle Rink's floor on easy rolling, ball-bearing skates, to which there is no jar or jolt, and where every movement is necessarily one that increases grace aud promotes health. It adds to the pleasures of the winter sport of ice skating, the delights of the dance, and when indulged in as at the WHITE CITY, to the sounds of first class music, it becomes a fascinating form of pleasure that it is hard to resist, and even the non-skater when watching the great enjoyment of the participants in the 'skate,' becomes as anxious to learn the supposed mysteries of the art or science, as any child would be.

Roller skating offers to the anaemic and the overworked sedentary a means of exercise that is best calculated to restore full action of the blood and of all organs of the physical make-up. The entire gamut of exercise can be run from the mildest and least fatiguing to the more strenuous and violent. It is a question only of temperament, of desire or of need.

The WHITE CITY is the pioneer in the present revival of skating that now prevails throughout England, the Rink here being opened in May I907, and the next one in the country was opened in the following winter since which time several hundreds of rinks of various kinds have been erected, and there is more Roller Skating in England to-day than during the prevalence of any former craze for the Sport. The floors, the skates and the conditions are better now, and all things point to the fact that Skating has come to stay and become as much a part of the daily amusement of the masses as is dancing.

The many Skating Clubs that have been organised and have disported themselves on the floor of the WHITE CITY Skating Rink during the past two years will welcome the new Rink, and doubtless others will be formed and will want their special days and morning hours allotted when they can have the use of the Rink as a private one while the gates are not ordinarily open

During the Summer the management will organise Special events, such as Races, Fetes, Carnivals, Cinderellas etc., etc., that will add to the pleasure of the regular habitues of the Rink, as well as to the enjoyment of the general public who visit the WHITE CITY.

In case of inclement weather on Sunday afternoons, the Sacred Concerts will be given in the shelter of the Rink.

The celebrated RICHARDSON BALL BEARING SKATES are used in the WHITE CITY."

(excerpt from the 1909 program)