No place of general resort is contplete without provision for the wants of the inner man, and the more perfect such provisions the more popular the resort. Recognising this fact, the Management of the WHITE CIITY endeavour to keep their Restaurant in such a manner that the patrons of the Park may be supplied with all the creature comforts found in the best of such establishments anywhere. Lunches, teas, dinners, and suppers can be had at short notice, and served in the best of style and at the least expense in keeping with quality aud service. In all the North of England there is no such pleasant room for taking meals as the Grand Restaurant at the WHITE CITY, and everything shall be in keeping with the place.

Special arrangements can be made for private parties of any number and occasion. It being the earnest desire of the Managemetit to please their patrons, and make friends of them, any inattention or incivility on the part of any employee of the Restauraunt, or other part of the WHITE CITY, will be given immediate attention and correction if reported to the Manager. Lapses from discipline occur in all places of resort but never when any one in authority is present, therefore the Management of any public place must necessarily depend on its patrons to assist by making reports on inefficient or otherwise culpable servants. With the WHITE CITY Grand Restaurant it is the wish to make it a place of resort for the people who wish to eat under the best and most pleasant conditions and surroundings.

(excerpt from the 1909 program)