Many new and novel devices for amusing the public have been introduced since the first season of the WHITE CITY, but none can boast of more genuine ingenuity in idea and construction than the Japanese Puzzle House which has been installed for the present summer. This is a practical idealization of the Mystic Maze with numerous improvements for amusing those who make the troubled but pleasure provoking journey through the mysterious revolving passages and doorways that compose this little house. One visit will cause another and still the desire to pass through will be with you. Laughter will be your companion every foot of the way through the mysteries of the way and the troubles of your neighbours will be just as funny to them as to you while your indecision aud entanglement will be the cause of merriment to self and friends. No one should visit WHITE CITY without one trip to the ingenious Puzzle House of the little brown men, whom we are pleased to call our allies, and whose expertness we all admire so much.

(excerpt from the 1909 program)