There is a rational excuse for the existence of the Pierrot. It is a sad old world that we live in, and would be much more sad but for the Pierrot and his kind. The merry jest and the lively quip of the Pierrot have made monarchs merry when the fate of nations rested on their moods. A Pleasure Park or seaside resort in England without the presence of the carefree men of the whitened faces and mottled dress would soon lose cast, with its patrons. The WHITE CITY is fortunate for the season of 1909 in that this particular and favourite form of entertanment for its patrons will be in the experienced and capable hands of the BARRY MOON IMPERIAL PIERROTS that are known wherever holiday crowds resort most for the highest class of entertainment. Good actors, excellent comedians and accomplished singers, this troupe of mirth-makers are among the best in these fair Isles, and will give to all patrons of their Bijou Theatre full value in a most excellent entertainment. For this season the artistes have been most carefully selected by Mr. Moon, because he is catering to a Manchester public, and in order to strengthen his already high reputation as the proprietor of the very best company of Pierrots in all England. Mr. Moon for this summer has especially prepared his programme and engaged his artistes that he may give the very highest class of music and other entertainment to the visitors to WH ITE CITY. Selections will be made from all the popular serious and Comic operas and the latest of the London Gaiety successes The bills will be frequently changed and the most up-to-date material only will be used.

(excerpt from the 1909 program)