"The whirl and the rapid dashing style of ride as illustrated in the Scenic Railway, the Figure 8 or the Water Chutes, is not characteristic of the Mystic Rivers. Here is to be found that quiet and refined ride that appeals so strongly to thousands whose nerves, or their desires, prohibit the excitement offered by the more strenuous rides that are popular with the younger and less sedate of the WHITE CITY patrons; yet a ride on the boats of the 'Rivers' is just as pleasing to one class or age as to another, and the numbers of young people who find their greatest enjoyment in it is surprising, for who does not, at times, like to get far away from the noise and turmoil of the surroundings of ordinary affairs? This is just what the Mystic Rivers permits one to do. Take a seat in a boat which slowly and lazily floats down a limped stream of water through caves, caverns and grottoes, embellished with some of the scenic effects that would be expected in such a place, if nature had provided it."

(excerpt from the 1909 program)