For the entertainment of patrons when they do not wish to be visiting the shows, or availing themselves of the other forms of diversion provided, the Management have engaged a number of the best available Military and Brass Band to give Free Concerts in the New Concert Garden, both afternoon and evening; and, in addition, the " WHITE ClTY MILITARY BAND " wiII also give their Concerts, at the same places, alternating in time with the special Bands, in order that there shall be a CONTINUOUS FREE CONCERT going on from the opening of the gates at 1:00 p.m. till the closing hour at 11.00 p.m., thus insuring not only to the music lover exceptional opportunities to hear the best Band music in the country, but also to provide for the regular visitor a constant pleasure.

This will be the first time that any resort has ever given TEN HOURS of continuous Concert to its patrons, and is only an evidence of the wish of the Management to thoroughly contribute to the pleasure of visitors to the WHITE CITY.

In order that the most possible enjoyment may be derived by visitors from the music by these superb organizations, a special place has been set aside and transformed into a splendid Free Concert Garden with a perfect Band Stand, and with seats and all the comforts provided for the quiet enjoyment by those who wish to listen to the music without interference from other attractions and their accompanying noises, even though they be of the slightest.

This Garden is located to the right as the visitor enters the Main Gates, and occupies all the Garden Plot between the General Offices and the Grand Stand of the splend spectacle "Fighting the Flames," the performances of which have been so arranged as not to interfere with the proper renditions of the musical programmes. There is ample accommodation in the Garden for several thousands of listeners, while the benches and forms that are placed along the sides of the promenade will seat many additional hundreds who will be sufficiently near to get the full benefit of the softest notes of the instruments.

(excerpt from the 1909 program)