To the working man or the one who is by any reason unable to indulge in the luxury of travel in foreign countries or visit the places and scenes with which history and story have made him "book-familiar," the invention of the cinematograph and its subsequent development has been a blessing. Hale's Marvellous Tours of the World are the last word in the practical use of the animated picture as an educative entertainment. The splendid combination of the moving pictures and the mechanical and mental simulation of the swiftly flying express train from which the apparently moving landscapes and interesting places are seen, gives all the sensations and pleasures of an actual visit to the places shown on the screen by the perfected art of the photographer and developer. Travel in Hale's magnificent railway carriages is most comfortable and is more than an illusory trip, for we see the most natural pictures of all the most interesting places of resort to which the wealthy of all nations go in their hundreds and pay huge sums for the pleasure. We get it here for an infinite small sum of two or three coppers and the loss of only a few moments of time, and in perfect comfort. A visit and a trip with Hale every time there is a change of programme during the season will well repay the serious minded as well as the one who only looks for the momentary pleasure to be derived from the entertainment aside from its educative value. The travel scenes shown by Hale's Tours are the best and most expensive animated pictures to be seen anywhere, and should be visited by every patron of tbe WHITE CITY.

(excerpt from the 1909 program)