"A general combination of all the delights of a mechanical pleasure ride is the best way to describe the 'Figure 8,' which during the past two years has undoubtedly firmly established itself as one of the favourite pleasures of visitors to the WHITE CITY.

The Figure 8

More than 200,000 people have patronised this 'Figure 8' and seldom is anyone satisfied to get off the cars until he has repeated the journey around the fascinating 'Figure 8.' The large percentage of 'repeaters' is the most eloquent testimony to the popularity of the 'Figure 8.' The various safety appliances attached to this device to insure against any slip in the machinery or chance for accident are not to be found on any other in existence. It is the constant care of the WHITE CITY management to have every protection against accident made for the public on every device in the Park, and not one accident of importance has ever occurred in the WHITE CITY. This record cannot be equalled by any other amusement resort in any part of the world."

(excerpt from the 1909 program)