"Tickling the risibilities of the public is an evidence of the greatest success in catering to the entertainment of it. We all laugh at the distorted features and figures that the cartoonist and caricaturist makes of our best known men, and it is this innate love of the distortions of nature, when only temporary, that makes us visit and visit again the 'Fun Factory' at the WHlTE CITY, where every feature and every figure is made to take on the most peculiar shapes and yet lose not one whit of their individuality, but rather accentuate the same.

In a score of specially built mirrors one can see reflections of self and friends twisted and contorted into all sorts of odd and fantastic shapes that create laughter and endless amusement. This one place will sugar-coat the bitterest pill of life and make us see the humorous side of things. If you are in ill humour with yourself, your friends or the world, then a visit to the 'Fun Factory' will set all things right and make you feel better towards all mankind. It is a supreme tonic for the blues and a guaranteed cure for the sulks."

(excerpt from the 1909 program)