"Strange what a fascination there is about a railway of any kind. One of the earliest things the baby of the house talks about is the "Choo-choo," and a train of carriages with engine, etc, is among the most popular of Christmas and Birthday gifts to the young.

The liking for the Railway does not, like that for dolls and tin soldiers, die out with years but only grows and takes on more importance. From the toy train to the actual commercial realization of baby dreams, in the great Railways of the day, does not seem such a long step, as it is made so gradually and naturally.

The WHITE CITY Express is a most perfect and ingenious working model of our best equipped Railway trains. Made in miniature it at the same time is lacking in none of the essentials of the best of the regulars. At frequent intervals all day, and until the closing hour each night, the "Express" will take trips around the Chutes Lake, through the tunnels and over the bridges of the route. This ride, while it is very enjoyable to the adult out for a day's pleasure, is best calculated to appeal to the younger generation, and as their pleasures are most dear to the mother heart, it is a certainty that the children will never appeal in vain to Mamma to give them a ride on the "real little Choo-choo" and in fact, to many, a day here would be incomplete without at least one trip on this very particular WHITE CITY Express."
(excerpt from the 1909 program)