Aside from pictures of travel, the public have been thoroughly educated up to the merits of the animated picture as a form of entertainment and as an aid to education of the young. Schools all over the world are adopting the cinematrograph as an efficient assistant to studv in many branches of education. Science is indebted to the moving picture for bringing to the eye and the understanding of the student of medicine many of the truths he must know, but which but for the cinematograph, would still remain only a matter of book-learning without any practical demonstration. Wonderful strides have been made in the development of the old " magic lantern " of a few years ago into the cinematograph of today. Every branch of study and every phase of life or of human endeavour is made the subject of the films that are shown. Serious and humorous subjects are treated and all tastes are catered to in the perfect show of animated pictures such as is the one in the WHITE CITY. The first thought is one of entertainment, and for that reason the majority of the subjects treated are of the humorous or semi-humorous kind. Our object is best attained if we can see our patrons with smiles and jokes as they leave any of our entertainments in the WHITE CITY, and in trying to bring about this result we give more of the humorous phases of every day life in Filmland that of any other sort, and the visitor to the WHITE CITY who misses at least one visit to this show will regret a lost opportunity that will not come again, for the reason that the subjects are different every week and oftener sometimes.

(excerpt from the 1909 program)