"Children from six to sixty," and even younger and older, find both health and pleasure in riding on the O. I. O. Cycles that have proven so very popular with patrons of WHITE CITY during the past seasons. This pleasurable exercise is indulged in under the best conditions here, and the machines are of a style that when the maintaining of equilibrium on them is once mastered, the riding of the 'Wheel' on the open roads is a matter of ease. In fact the O. I. O. Cycle ring is a school for beginners as well as a diversion for the seeker after diversion. The Bicycle has become almost a necessity to thousands of wage earners who depend on it in getting to and from their business and its practicability and the little cost for a machine and its upkeep, make it the poor man's motor that will always be popular and one that will grow in favour every year, so that the young in patronising the O. 1. O. Cycles is preparing for the practical and necessary riding of one in the ordinary vocations of life when it becomes a necessity. It is a growing pleasure that once indulged in will be sought a second time and several times after."

(excerpt from the 1909 program)