" They all come out laughing," and so will you if you will only pay one short visit to Katzenjammer Castle, where everybody for the moment forgets care and trouble, and laughs, and laughs, and then does some more laughing.

It is wonderful just how much fun can be had out of a few short minutes in this house of compelling mirth and fascinating surprises. Last season it was one of the most popular amusements at the WHITE CITY, and " Everybody Laughs," has become one of the popular expressions all over Lancashire for many thousands of lads and lasses of the country have found their moment of fun and care-forgetfullness in this Castle of the Katzenjammers.

From entrance to exit every step is one of surprises and each surprise is one of laughter making. The "Castle" is the most self supporting of all the attractions in this or any other park, for every visitor becomes an agent to induce others to follow his example. Everyone wants the world to laugh with him, and when he goes through the " Katzenjammer Castle " and laughs till his sides ache then he wants all of his friends and neighbours to "go and do likewise." There is no selfishness in the advice either, for every man is benefitted by a good healtlly, hearty laugh, and that is what is guaranteed to all visitors to the " Castle."

(excerpt from the 1909 program)