White City Amusement Park

The site of the Royal Botanical Gardens was sold to Heathcote and Brown, who opened an amusement park that they named, "White City Amusement Park."

The prospectus of the White City Company indicates that it was formed in February of 1907 for, "the purpose of establishing and carrying on a pleasure garden of the highest class to be called the "White City".

The park opened on May 20, 1907 and at night 25, 000 electric lights lit up the skies of Old Trafford. On opening day 32, 972 people passed through the gates.

White City at Night
What follows is a description of White City from the 1909 program.

The WHITE ClTY has, during the two years that it has been open as an Amusement Resort of the better class, firmly established itself with the people of Manchester, Salford, Oldham and the district contiguous to the Capital City of the North

In 1907, when the grounds were taken over from the Royal Botanical Society, the work of transforming them into a modern and up-to-date place of popular resort was undertaken and was carried forward to completion in the incredibly short space of ten weeks, and the WHITE CITY was opened to the public on the appointed date, as the most perfectly equipped resort in England for the entertainment of the people generally .

Since that time many changes have been made in the various attractions that have been offered to the public, but never has the character of these attractions been allowed to degenerate, nor has anything in the least way objectionable to the educated or refined taste been permitted to be exploited in the grounds. Innocent pleasures for the masses and the classes has at all times been the aim of the Management, and the success that has heretofore rewarded their efforts, induces them to believe that their patrons have been satisfied with the provisions made for their entertainment, and has encouraged them to continue on the same lines as in the past. In doing this, it will be necessary to explore all the Parks and Fairs of Europe and America, and wherever it is possible to find a genuine novelty either in a Mechanical Device or Show, to at once make an effort to place it among the attractions at WHITE CITY.

For the present season of 1909, our patrons will find many improvements that have been made for their comfort and pleasure, and which are only the precursors of others that will be made, from time to time, as necessity or experience dictates, or public support warrants.

Amusements Poster