If there is one subject in which the world is at the present time is more interested than another, it is the problem of conquering the air and making of man to fly as the birds. Every civilised nation has the subject under consideration as a war measure and nearly every civilised individual has it under consideration as a new form of pleasure or diversion. Ballooning has been an expensive but favourite form of pleasure for years, and now that man has made the balloon dirigible and subject to his will in its movements, he has turned to the areoplane as even more of a means of sure conquering of the alr, and recent developements seem to justify the idea. Every man would like to enjoy even for a moment the supposed sensational trip through the air, and when opportuity offers it is never rejected.


It is not possible for many in these days to obtain this opportunity, but the next best thing that is offered them is a short flight on some contrivance or mechanism that will produce similar sensations to those that come from the real article. The Aeroflyte as it is constructed and in operation in the WHITE CITY, gives to the occupant of the chair the exact same sensations that are experienced by the balloonist or aeroplanist, the only difference being one of length of flight and of imagination. The unknown mysteries of flying are fascinating, and we imagine more than the true facts would warrant while we can see and feel all there is to the Areoflyte and do not perhaps appreciate it as much as its many delights as we should. Try this ride in the air and be convinced of its pleasures.

(excerpt from the 1909 program)