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The Location of the Longsight Depot

The railway was built through Longsight at the end of the 1830s. The path it follows today is the same one that was constructed then. The line enters the district from the north crossing Hyde Road on what is known as the Fenian Arch. It then passes through the Longsight Rail Depot, a network of sidings and both engine and carriage sheds. At the southern end of the depot, where the line crosses Kirmanshulme Lane, Longsight Station was located. (In fact, this was the second location for the station. It was relocated to this site in 1842.) The station sat at this location for over a hundred years.
                  District Map

Below:  The Depot and Station in the 1940s

Below:  Longsight Station looking south.

Below:  Longsight Station looking north from the bridge crossing New Bank Street.

Below is a view of the southbound platform of Longsight Station with the signal box beyond the signal gantry.  Pulling the train is the Patriot Class locomotive "Lady Godiva" 45519, built in 1933 and withdrawn from service in 1962.  (the image is shown here with the generous permission of Graham Todd)

Below: The location of the station in May of 2000.  A ramp ran up that bank to the station building that was located just before the bridge.

If you walk down New Bank Street from Kirkmanshulme Lane you can see, on the right hand side, the location where another ramp ran up to the station from the north (see below).  If you walked up this ramp you could access the tunnel that went below the tracks providing access to the south-bound platform and beyond to Belle Vue.

As you look north along New Bank Street you can see to the right the boundary wall of the railway depot and beyond the modern shed.

After crossing Kirkmanshulme Lane, the line continues southwards and crosses Stanley Grove. (see below)

Below:  The pedestrian tunnel under the railway on Parry Street.

The line reaches Stockport Road near the Slade Lane junction and crosses the road at that point. It was here, in 1840, that the Birmingham and Manchester Railway built the first Longsight Station.

Railway bridge over Stockport Road

Once across Stockport Road the railway line continues, behind the house below, atop an embankment through land that once belonged to the Sidall family of Slade Hall.

Houses on
                      the railway embankment near Slade Lane

Below you can see the line just after it crossed Crowcroft Road and passed behind the Bethshan Tabernacle.

In the vicinty of Slade Hall the line splits with one branch going straight south into Levenshulme and another turning to head south-west.