Pall Mall - King Street

Pall Mall Court is a Grade II listed building built in 1969 to a design by the architectural practice of Brett & Pollen.  The Manchester Modernists web site says this about it,  "Pall Mall is a complicated set of interconnected buildings and annexes, its two 5 storey annexes and 12 storey tower cleverly weaving themselves in and around King Street, Marsden Street, and Brown Street.  Its bronzed glass windows are distinctive with their boxy columns set out from the sheer wall and were designed to reflect the buildings around it and mediate somewhat against its weight and bulk on the street.  The tall service tower occupies the top of the sloped site, luxurious and luminous with deep blue-bronze mosaic cladding."  They sum up their view be adding, "Pall Mall is more than a building or mere office block, it is a citadel in bronze and iridescent blue, which can be navigated and explored from 360 degrees and a variety of angles and vantage points."

Once home to Sun Alliance, Pall Mall Court is today a serviced office complex which describes itself as follows, "This office space is in a vibrant area opposite the Armani building, surrounded by designer outlets, cafes, bars and restaurants. Located on the ground, first and second floors, the office space has been completely refurbished throughout to have a contemporary look and feel. The building is unbranded so when your clients visit they won't know you are in a serviced office. You'll get a fully furnished office with the latest IT and telecoms, and our team will take your calls when you are in and out, handle your mail and faxes and anything else you need."  The Armarni part of that claim is no longer true since Armarni left Atlas House and moved to Spinningfield but Brown's Brasserie has recently moved into the old Parr's Bank and Liam Gallagher's clothing store, "Pretty Green", has moved into the ground floor of the adjacent Reform Club. 


Pall Mall Court replaced an earlier building on the site owned by the London Assurance Company, indicated in the aerial image below, dated 1953. 

The map below, my version of one from 1886, shows the layout of the building indicated by the red arrow above.

If you click on the link below you can see the building in 1956.

Pall Mall Court site in 1956

The building sporting the sign "General Insurance Co Ltd", in the image linked above, was built in 1861 and designed by the architect of Manchester Town Hall, Alfred Waterhouse.  Cecil Stewart in "The Stones of Manchester" says of the building that it, "seems a little fussy, as though Waterhouse had tried to concentrate in one building everything he knew of Venice, and, by adding the dormers and the storks (which can be glimpsed on the peaks of the dormers), a little of Bavaria as well."