Pearl Assurance House

Pearl Assurance House occupies a position on the Princess Street side of Albert Square, on the corner of  Clarence Street. 

In the image below you can see the building that occupied the site prior to World War II.  I have used an arrow to indicate the building I am referring to.

The aerial photograph below, taken in July of 1953, shows that much of the building was missing, probably a victim of the wartime bombing.  I have used a red arrow to indicate the location.  The part of the building on the corner with Clarence Street seems to still be in place but the main part of the building has gone.

Construction on Pearl Assurance House began in 1954.  If you click on the link below you will see that by March 1954 the steel frame of the building was in place.

Pearl Assurance House under construction

The link below will take you to an image dated 1955 which shows the building nearing completion.

Pearl Assurance House nearing completion

Today the building is home to a Starbucks coffee house and a Jessops at street level.