Reform Club

The prominent Manchester architect Edward Salomans collaborated with John Philpot-Jones to build this Venetian styled sandstone building. It was the home of the Reform Club from 1871. A feature of the building are the windows described by John J Parker-Bailey in "Manchester - An Architectural History" as "Soaring windows of two lights separated by thin stone colonnettes.....The arches are carried on polished Shap granite columns.....On the corners of the building what can only be described as oriel towers rise through the upper floors, culminating in gazebos and originally in a domed roof."

The Reform Club had among its members Winston Churchill and Lloyd George but over time the membership shrank. In an attempt to keep their heads above water the Club merged with the Engineers' Club in 1967, to form the Manchester Club, but eventually the Reform Club closed in 1988.

The building then became the home of the upmarket Reform Restaurant.  In 2011 one of the occupants is Liam Gallagher's "Pretty Green" clothing shop.

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