Parr's Bank - Brown's Brasserie

This red sandstone building was built in 1901 by Charles Heathcote for Parr's Bank. Pevsner says of it, "The banking hall is amongst the most opulent of any of the date surviving in Manchester, and for that matter, in London."

Today the building is occupied Brown's Brasserie.

Brown's opened here in 2011.  Prior to that the building was a pub called the Athenaeum.

Take a look inside when it was a pub.


The Royal Bank of Scotland, in its history web site, says of Parr's Bank that it was established in Warrington in 1788, by Joseph Parr, a sugar refiner; Thomas Lyon, a brewer and sugar refiner; and Walter Kerfoot, a solicitor. For over 75 years it remained essentially a local bank with branches in St. Helens and Runcorn only. However, in 1865 the bank was reconstructed as a joint stock bank with limited liability, Parr's Banking Co Ltd, and embarked upon a programme of expansion.

By 1900 it had 136 branches, rising to 320 branches nationwide by 1914. In 1918 Parr's Bank amalgamated with London County & Westminster Bank to form London County Westminster & Parr's Bank, later known as Westminster Bank.