The Arndale Shopping Centre

When it opened in 1979, much of this huge shopping centre, designed by Wilson & Wormersley (the architects of the Hulme Crescents), was clad in yellow tiles giving it an appearance that many compared with a gigantic gents' toilet.

(The next two the images are shown here with the permission of David Dixon.  In the first you see the view along Corporation Street.  Much of that part of the Arndale was destroyed by the IRA bomb, including the footbridge you can see in the distance and the bus station on Cannon Street.)

Considering the fact that it covered 30 acres of the city centre and was connected across Market Street by a hideously ugly bridge, the Arndale was hard to ignore.  Notice in the image below that, in the beginning, traffic continued to run up Market Street below the bridge.

Despite the popularity of "mall" shopping, many people regarded the Arndale as an eyesore.  It should be remembered though that this brutalist architectural style was fashionable at that time.

Although the Arndale wasn't damaged to the degree that adjacent buildings were by the IRA bomb (perhaps the tiles protected it), nevertheless in 2003 it was given a major overhaul. The change is most apparent on the Cannon Street and Withy Grove side of the centre including the building of a large Next store.

The Manchester Arndale is the largest in-town shopping centre in the UK and it attracts around 500,000 visitors each week.

The Arndale Tower looms over the complex and dominates the skyline in the vicinity.