Charter Street Ragged School & Working Girls Home

The Charter Street Ragged School and Working Girls Home" sits on the corner of Dantzic Street and Little Nelson Street.  This was the site of the first industrial school in Manchester which opened in 1847.

This school building was begun in 1866, and was enlarged in 1891 and 1900.

In 1892 it was renamed as ‘Charter Street Ragged School and Working Girls Home.

Mervyn Busteed and Paul Hindle in "Angel Meadow: the Irish and Cholera in Manchester" say that the school, "provided food, clogs and clothing for children, and a Sunday breakfast for destitute men and women; medical services were also provided."  The Dantzic Street corner of the building has a rather dramatic entrance door.  This was the entry to the Working Girls Home that occupied the first floor. Busteed and Hindle add that the school was, "intended to convey not only literacy but basic skills such as carpentry to the boys, and home making and cooking to the girls in order that they might become respectable, useful and productive citizens.

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