Manchester Coffee Tavern Company

I know nothing about this building yet but it seems that coffee taverns were related to the temperence movement.  The "CafĂ© Magazine" website has this to say about them: "A rather artificial attempt at the recreation of a lively coffee house scene was made by the temperance movement in the 1880's. Modelled after the spacious, light, mahogany-trimmed taverns being promoted by the beer industry, the late Victorian coffee house was a conscious attempt by naive social workers to lure the working men from their pubs and the perils of demon drink. Coffee taverns, one pamphlet stated, must show there are beverages as comforting as beer, that there are beverages to be bought as cheap as beer. And they must provide advantages not provided by such a formidable enemy and by this manoeuvre make victory certain. Accordingly, working-men were encouraged to bring their own food to be cooked free of charge in the tavern's kitchen. Newspapers and games were laid out - also gratis - and customers were encouraged to remain as long as they wanted. Needless to say, none of these coffee taverns survived long on their own."