Nuclear Free City

In 2005 the Lord Mayor of Manchester, Councillor Mohammed Afzal Khan, represented the city in Hiroshima at the sixth General Conference of Mayors for Peace.  Manchester was the first city in the world to declare itself a Nuclear Free Zone back in 1980 and currently over 75 councils across the UK support Nuclear Free Local Authorities policy work coordinated by a secretariat hosted by Manchester City Council.  This involves: working towards improving public and environmental protection; identifying nuclear hazards and making proposals about how to reduce and eliminate them; pressing for existing binding international agreements to reduce and eliminate nuclear weapons to be fulfilled; helping government find the most publicly acceptable ways to manage the country's nuclear waste legacy; promoting safe and sustainable alternatives to nuclear power; increasing openness, transparency and public accountability over all areas of UK nuclear policy and practice and ending avoidable nuclear waste transportation within the country and to and from the country.

At the time of his visit to Hiroshima Councillor Mohammed Afzal Khan said, "It is a time to reflect and learn from mistakes and to honour those who lost their lives."

This particular plaque is located next to the Albert Square entrance to the Manchester Town Hall.

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