The Bull's Head - Fairfield Street

The Bull's Head sits across London Road from Piccadilly Station and across Fairfield street from the old Fire Headquarters.   As you can see from the sign, this pub regards itself as "Your Local in the Heart of the City".  Today it is a Marston's pub but during its life it has also been affiliated with both Wilson's and Burtonwood. 

I have seen it suggested that the pub dates from 1786 but surprisingly it doesn't appear on the 1849 map of the area, shown below.  In those days the street layout was somewhat different but I have marked the building at the corner of London Road and Granby Row with a red spot.  This is where the Bull's Head should be.  The Wheat Sheaf Pub,  5 buildings to the left is marked but not the Bull's Head.  However, perhaps it is an oversight because it is clearly bigger than the dwellings between it and the Wheat Sheaf.

By the time the Adshead Map was published in 1851 (an excerpt is shown below with the permission of Chetham's Library), The Bull's Head is there on the corner of Granby Row, with the Wheat Sheaf to its left.

At some point in the next 35 years the configuration of the streets changed dramatically.  Fairford Street was born.  It was pushed through diagonally from London Road just to the left of the Bull's Head cutting a swathe through the houses.  In my version of the 1886 map below, you can see that this left the Bull's Head on the island site you see it on today.

You can see the new layout in the aerial photograph below.  The Bull's Head is 1ndicated by the red arrow.  The Wheat Sheaf Pub was a victim of either the street re-alignment or, more likely, it was swept away when the fire station was built.

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